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Our story

Ged has over a decade of property market experience behind him. This is the story of GO Developments …


I bought my first property, 4 John St, Blackpool. After driving past an old warehouse four times a day and staring at the for sale sign, I was determined to buy the building. One year after planning I renovated the warehouse into 2 x 2 bed flats, fully renovated and tenanted.


Three months after buying his first property, Gerard bought his first block of flats on 17 George St, 5 x 1 bed flats fully renovated and tenanted.

6 Months waiting game...

After purchasing the first two buildings, I decided to wait 6 months to see how both properties would work out. Meanwhile, I was on the hunt for more blocks of flats.


I bought my first bungalow, Clifton Drive a cheap purchase that I then fully renovated and tenanted. I then took this time to reflect on the housing market, little did I know what would happen in 18 months time.


I then bought a 3 bed terrace on Manchester Road, he fully renovated this property and tenanted it.

Mid 2007

Following this purchase, I then bought my first repossessed house, 48 Lyndhurst Avenue as they gave 14 days notice I waited nervously for the decision to be made.

Late 2007

Towards the end of the year I was given a big opportunity through a family member, to renovate a building and turn it into three large two bedroom flats and a Shop. The property was 1 London Road, Carlisle. This was the first time of being out of his comfort zone.


At the age of 23, I was unaware to what had happened to the property market overnight. I was advised to sit tight and ride the storm whilst the recession took its course.


I then went on to buy a family asset, 9-11 South King Street, Blackpool. This was a commercial shop (hairdressers) and a big 2 bed flat.

Mid 2009

Later on that year I went on to buy 2 Charles Street, I renovated this into two 2 x Bed Flats.


The year 2010 was a big year I bought 87 Park Road, Blackpool, which were 4 flats, 1 x Bed, 2×2 Bed and 1×3 Bed I fully renovated and tenanted them. I then went on to buy 26 London Street, Fleetwood. This was a repossessed building that I turned into 3, 2x bed flats, I renovated and sold the property within a few months.

Early 2011

I purchased a commercial unit on Lytham Road, tailor-made with mezzanine floor. This was renovated into an electrical wholesalers.


In early 2011 I purchased a Derelict 44 Bed Hotel on Blackpool promenade, now known as 18 Lytham Road, that I believed to have been a bargain for £35,000. I budgeted £125k for the renovation to turn into 4 duplex apartments. During the job I faced unexpected problems. Which later cost me an extra £50k. This was a small set back with the financial planning. I sat on my hands for a further 6 months and realised that this was a lesson for the future. It taught me to price up jobs accurately and always allow contingency funds for jobs in the future.

6 Months waiting...

I decided to hold fire for 6 months after a few previous obstacles.


In 2012 I found myself with the same level of confidence that I had from 2006, before the fall of the property market. Banks were starting to lend more and therefore it was an ideal time to buy more property. However, people still had a bad taste in their mouths from the recession.

Mid 2012

Later on that year, I bought 3 more properties, 30 Frederick street, a 2 bed terrace house fully renovated and tenanted. 6 Collyhurst Avenue, Blackpool also fully renovated and tenanted and finally 116 Coronation Street, Blackpool, an ex hotel renovating them into 2, 2x bed flats.

Early 2013

This year was one of the most important years, as I had big business plans. I put into place builders and trade workers ready for future plans.

Mid 2013

GO Developments was established! After many years of wanting to expand my business and planning in every way possible, I was finally able to establish my own company, ready to expand and buy more and more property.

Late 2013

I purchased and renovated a derelict Blackpool Hotel, I turned it into 6 houses 108,110,112 High Street and 60,62,64 Back Lord Street, fully renovated the properties and tenanted them.

8-10 Bolton Street, another old Blackpool hotel, Fully renovated into 2, 3x bed and tenanted them.

Late 2013

2 Granville road was purchased, this was a 4 bed terrace house in the heart of Blackpool. I also purchased 15 Newton Drive, a commercial shop and 2, 2xbed flats.

Early 2014

I purchased 2, 2x bed terrace houses, 2 & 9 Anderson Street, Blackpool.

Mid 2014

A busy few months, I purchased, renovated and tenanted the following houses; 85 Park Road, 4 flats, 32 Raikes Parade 5, 1 bed flats, 30 Frederick Street, 2 Bed terrace, 1-4 Bagot Street four commercial units, 205-207 Church Street which later became GO Developments Head Quaters and Jobs, friends and houses(JFH) Head quarters. (Jobs, Friends and Houses an organisation working with the council to help those in rehabilitation, helping them to find work and housing).

2015 To Current Date

Properties that have recently been purchased are: 5 Richmond Road, 43 Highfield Road, 160 Reeds Avenue, 33 & 36 Chesterfield Avenue, Almond Lodge, Ullswater and 22 Eggerton Road & The Church Warley Road, (in partnership) and 209 Preston New Road and 111 Poulton Road (not in partnership).